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Founded in 1840 by DonManuelLopez, Punch is one of the oldest brands in Cuba.  Stockmann, a German, used Punch, a popular puppet show, as the trademark of his cigar brand. Wearing a long red hat, the puppet man was smoking a cigar on a chair with a lady’s dog beside him, which was rumored to be a reference to his wife Judy.  The self-congratulatory Mr Punch was so popular in Britain that the brand became popular after its introduction in the 19th century.  With the creation of a high-quality, humorous magazine with the same brand name the following year, Punch quickly took off and its reputation spread.  Punch was already a very popular brand at the time of the revolution and is still very popular in Britain and Europe today.  In 1931 punch moved to a friend’s factory, now la Corona, to produce cigars.  





Punch cigars are known for their delicious woody flavor, light woody sweetness and medium strength tobacco.  Fragrant, the cigar has a unique spicy taste, relatively rich with a hint of sweetness. It is a well-known cigar brand among eggplant drinkers. The woody aroma of Punch is also suitable for pairing with POR.  Aged cigars are of excellent quality, and a 3-5 year old punch can become a classic.  


Punch wood flavor has a strange cedar flavor for some reason.  After 15-20 years of good aging in a cedar cabinet, it will taste very similar to a scotch whisky of the same age.  Other cigars can produce similar aromas, but the punch is the most memorable.  


The aging quality of punch cigars also increases linearly, and they do not experience the peaks and troughs of aging compared to other cigars, making them a must-have for collectors.  


The Honduran punch brand has 3 collections: Standard,Delux and Gran Cru.  The former is straight hondras-like and intense, while Delux and Gran Cru are both softer and come in dark brown.