Many people feel confused when smoking cigars for the first time. How can we taste them?

It is essential, especially for a beginner, to learn the right way to smoke a good cigar so as not to damage it.

1. How to cut it

1) Flat mouth + cap off

Flat mouth for all types of cigars

Advantages: wide applicability, easy to operate.

Uncap suitable for: old eggplant and dry and wet balance of small and medium diameter ring cigars

Advantages: cut without tobacco leaves broken, neat and beautiful, cut dry cigar is not easy to crack.

2) V

Suitable for: large ring and torpedo type cigars

Advantages: large amount of smoke, not easy to block, more fully taste the flavor of the cigar.

3) punch

Suitable for: old eggplant and light flavor cigars and medium and small ring diameter cigars

Advantages: beautiful, not easy to dehumidify the cigar does not affect the flavor, the hole incision can gather the aroma.

2. How to do it

Hold the eggplant position in the lower eggplant label, hold eggplant hand turn the cigar.

The other hand does not move the lighter, with the external flame oblique 45 degrees burning cigar end, burning to the end of the red combustion of 1mm or so, can be blown check.

The hand that holds the tomato waves through the smoke, allowing the air to get rid of the igniter gas that enters the cigar flue when the cigar is lit. If you don’t wave it, it may cause an odor.

3. How to smoke

Keep the pumping frequency even and take a puff around 30s.

Not into the lung, can go part of the nasal cavity (only old eggplant)

The flue gas enters the mouth and stays for 1-2s to fully taste the aroma and then spit it out.

Then sniff the aroma of cigar smoke in the air.

Fragrance 7 points taste 3 points

In fact, cigars, like wine, are alive, and they need to undergo a series of complex metabolic processes under specific circumstances.

There are too many factors that can change the flavor of a cigar, so you need to take good care of the cigar you want to buy.

1.dry humidity requirements

Below 20℃, humidity is 62-65

2. Different curing methods under different conditions

Moisturizing bags will keep cigars for about 3 weeks at the right temperature.

If you don’t have a cigar case, you can store the whole cigar box in the form of a Lokle Moisturizer + Humidification Pack.

The wine cabinet controls the temperature, Le Kou Le Kou is responsible for sealing, and the humidification bag adjusts the humidity.

Cigar cabinet can be attached to each layer of millet temperature and hygrometer, millet gateway from the APP monitoring of cigar maintenance environment, as far as possible to reduce the number of opening and closing cabinet door.

Cigar room should be made of pure cedar wood as far as possible to achieve constant temperature and humidity without affecting the curing effect of cigar flavor. Similarly, the curing process should be closed as far as possible when conditions permit.

Also use millet thermometer and gateway monitoring.

We  HL Cigars specialize in Cuban Cigars, so how are Cuban Cigars fundamentally different from Cigars?

On the one hand, Cuba is the true origin of the modern cigar, on the other hand, before and during the Cuban revolution, no cigar anywhere in the world could compete with Cuba’s cigar.

This pattern continued into the 1990s, as cigar brands that had fled the Cuban revolution opened new factories in places like Dominica and Honduras and built a solid foundation over the decades.

On the other hand, Cuba began to cut itself off from the Western world for political reasons. The United States imposed sanctions on Cuba the following year, closing the window of cigar trade between Cuba and the West.

This opportunity gives non-ancient countries the chance to monopolize the American market and cover Europe.

At first, he tried every means to imitate Cuban cigars, hoping to recreate the taste of Cuban cigars by mixing tobacco leaves.

Only later did they develop their own regional characteristics and innovations, which not only increased the diameter of the ring but also increased the intensity of the cigar by another notch.

Cuban cigars are handmade luxury goods.

Cigar smoking is not only a kind of dependence, more is a kind of cigar culture, is a quality of life and spiritual world promotion.