You (client) agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Terms and Conditions Agreement (agreement) with respect to our site (www.hlcigars.com). This Agreement constitutes the entire and only agreement. This Agreement may be amended by us at any time and from time to time without specific notice to the Client.

1.We don’t sell tobacco products to persons under the age of 18. If you are not of legal age, use of our website is prohibited.

2.Cigar Smoking is considered hazardous to your health. We shall have no liability to you or any third party for adverse health effects from usage of tobacco products.

3.We are very confident in the quality of our goods, once deliveried there will be no refunds, In the following cases we accept the return of goods.

3.1 Wrong delivery
If the delivery is incorrectly handled or deliveried by mistake (the purchased product does not match the received product), the client must contact us immediately and return the product properly packaged within 3 days.

3.2 Return terms
For products eligible for return or exchange, please ensure that the package is complete (inner and outer packaging, logo, number of cigars, etc.) and take photos for evidence. Any missing or damage will not be accepted. We will bear the postage for the first and second round trip.

4.Tobacco related laws differ from one country to another. There are countries where importation of tobacco products or Cuban goods may be prohibited. No Cuban Cigars will be neither sold nor sent to an American Citizen, wherever he is living throughout the world. By placing an order with us, the Client confirms that he knows the applicable laws pertaining to the purchase and importation of Cuban Cigars from abroad to his shipping address. The Client takes on full legal responsibility for bringing the cigars into his country. We do not assume any responsibility for any duties, tariffs, taxes, customs, or brokerage fees, delayed shipments or any further inconveniences caused by domestic Customs offices. We are not in a position to be fully aware of all regulations pertaining to customs offices all over the world hence assumes that each Client is fully aware of the conditions and regulations applied by his domestic customs system.

5.The sales platform for all of our products is only available at www.hlcigars.com. We currently offer only two payment methods, 1) direct payment from our website and 2) contact support@hlcigars.com. Clients are advised not to trust any other payment method.