About Us

HL Cigars is a company specializing in selling Cigars, headquartered in Hong Kong.Every product you can find on the Internet is stocked in our warehouse.We strictly control the quality of our products, with excellent service and reasonable prices.We sincerely hope you can find your love and enjoy the joy of cigars!

How long will it take to deliver your order?

We will send cigars or accessories within 5-7 working days after payment.The delivery time is according to your country/region.All of our parcels will provide the tracking number, which can be tracked online.

What terms of payment do we accept?

We accept online Union Pay payment, but you can also choose to pay by bank transfer.Please contact our customer service for details.

How much do you charge for your freight?

The cost of delivery depends on the country/region you are in.Some countries may offer free shipping for orders worth more than $1000, but we have the right to charge reasonable freight according to the location of the consignee.Some countries may always charge a certain amount for shipping.Less than $1000 per order will be charged a reasonable shipping rate depending on your country.

What should I do if the package is damaged or the seal/tax mark is incomplete when receiving the goods?

This is absolutely normal.In order to ensure that the goods you purchase meet the strict quality standards, we will carry out a strict inspection on every batch of cigars that comes into the warehouse.Second, we will never send out cigars with mold or worms on them.Rest assured that the Cigars you buy on HL Cigars will never let you down.

What if you are not satisfied with your order?

If you have any questions about the order, please contact us through customer service and explain the reason why you are not satisfied. We will try our best to protect your rights and interests timely.

Where can I ask for advice or inquiries?

Whether you are a new comer or an experienced gourmand, please remember that we are always at your service.You can contact our customer service team by phone or other means.We look forward to hearing from you.